How the force of pneumatic cylinders is calculated?

The pneumatic cylinders are sealed with the metal tube that is containing the piston. When the air is pressurized into the air tube, it is making force on the piston in and outs. The rod is connected to the piston that supplies power. The energy is supplied from air cylinder to the external mechanisms or the objects. There two major factors that are affecting the force that piston exerts. The one is the air supply pressure, and another one is the area of the piston. The greater is the force; the greater is the area and the piston is capable of having more forces. The users can use the online calculator for calculating the force. The users can quickly calculate force by themselves in just a few simpler steps.

Here are some steps that can be followed for calculating force of cylinder-
• You have to enter the piston diameter in the inches in the calculator. Now divide the help of 2. For example, just make imagination of pneumatic cylinders having the diameter of 2 inches. Dividing it by 2, you will get the answer as 1. The 1 inch will be the answer.
• Now square the radius by using the calculator “x^2” keys. Also, you can multiply number itself. In the above taken example, the radius was 1 inches. Squaring it will give you 1.
• Now just multiply the result that got in the previous step by pi or by 3.1416. The result is in square inches of piston’s area. By continuing same example, one time 3.1416 will be equal to 3.1416 square inches.
• Now subtract the atmospheric pressure from the air supply pressure. If the air supply pressure is of 100psi, then 100psi – 14.7 will be 85.3.
• Just multiply the last step result by piston area for finding cylinders force. You will get your answer as 268 pounds.
These are the simpler steps to be followed in calculating the force of the pneumatic cylinders.