Horror Television Makes Big Comeback With Supernatural

Fans of things that move bump in the night time will remember shows like The Outer Limi and The Twilight Zone, however, not since the original Evening Stalker series (starring the late-great Darren McGavin) have got I enjoyed a weekly horror episodic such as Supernatural. It’s the show I’ve been waiting for. Finally, horror meets mainstream on network TV.

In the pilot for Supernatural we witness the fiery death of a young mother as she hovers over her child’s crib. Fastforward after few, the son who witnessed this inexplicable carnage. Sam has separated from what’s left of his family members in a desperate try to escape this burning storage and lead a ‘regular’ lifestyle. When his brother Dean turns up in need of Sam’s help, they haven’t spoken in years. Dean tells Sam their dad is missing, gone too much time on a ‘hunting’ trip. Sam is in rules college and wants no component of it. It is not until Sam’s girlfriend suffers the same fate as his mom that he agrees to greatly help Dean find their father and the matter that killed the only two women he has ever adored.

Sam and Dean’s pursuit pressure them to face their demons quite literally. We learn that Dean and his father have forsaken the status quo of daily life, choosing instead to reside on the fringe of society. Their transient living is solely focused on a search and damage objective of the evil that killed Sam and Dean’s mother. Today in law college, Sam’s refusal to become listed on them in fight has resulted in years of familial discourse and a severing of ties. Today pressured into ‘the hunt’, Sam’s destiny is normally sealed and there is absolutely no going back.

Traditional rock blasting from Dean’s pristinely restored black ’67 Chevy Impala, the search for dear-old-Dad curves and weaves along the back roads of America as they adhere to clues from Dad’s tattered journal and newspaper clippings of supernatural occurrences across the country. Their travels often take them off-program, placing them firmly between the cross-hares of evil. Battles with frighteningly familiar urban legends like the ghostly woman who hitch-hikes along a desolate stretch of highway, Bloody Mary and The Grim Reaper ensue each week, and we are launched to individuals who are also ensnared in ‘the hunt’.