Do you know how does a termite communicate?

There are few very interesting facts to discover about the communication system of ปลวก (termite) Take a look.

Since termites are blind, most of them are, they communicate through chemical, mechanical and pheromone cues. This communication is used in various types of activities such as foraging, locating reproductive, construction of nests, etc. The most common form of communication between them is antennation.
At the time of construction of nests, these insects use an indirect form of communication. No single termite takes charge of a particular project. They react at a group level and don not think.
Application of insects in Science and Technology
A Termite has great significance in Science and Technology helping in technological development. Termite guts have been very much useful in replacing fossil fuels with cleaner and renewable energy sources. They are efficient bioreactors, having the capability of producing two liters of Hydrogen from a single sheet of paper.
There has been the construction of Autonomous robots having the capability of constructing intricate structures without human assistance, which has been inspired from the mounds built by termites.
These insects also have a significant contribution in construction and working of solar chimney with profound effects. It also helps in the cooling process in various countries.

Know how to discard rodents A Brief
You must be aware of the serious consequences posed by rodents. So, in order to save yourself and your families, you must be aware of the different ways as to how can you discard them? One of the most needed ways to remove them or eliminate them is to call for professional pest controls that provide expert services and shall remove these creatures from the very root. They have various chemicals that are the best to kill them. These pest control teams comprise of some wildlife experts who render their expertise to help you to discard them away. Apart from this pest control, there is various other home remedy coming to the rescue.
So do not ignore the presence of these beastly creatures and find a permanent solution to this problem. To eliminate rodents have become a necessity, so do it at the earliest possibility.